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What Will Profits Look Like This Month? Find Out!

Download the Trucking Profit Calculator

Profit Calculator

Just like any business, a trucking company needs to be profitable to continue operating. Trucking companies, however, have very different expenses than other businesses, so traditional Profit and Loss statement don't fit the bill. 

Based on miles driven, the size of your fleet and your variable and fixed costs, the Trucking Profit Calculator improves the basic P&L statement and tailors it specifically for carriers. 

Use the Trucking Profit Calculator to understand how profitable you'll be each month!

Download the calculator and understand:

  • How variable costs affect your profits
  • How small adjustments can improve your outlook
  • A break-even analysis for your fleet

Bonus calculators included: 

  • Cost of fuel per mile
  • Cost of maintenance per mile
  • Cost of tolls and permits per mile

Download this helpful tool to improve profits. 

Download the Trucking Profit Calculator

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